Help Me Name My...

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816 (or Mathematical Pi to the tune of 'American Pie')


Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan

  A     E    F#m
A long, long time ago
Bm              D              F#m             E
Long before the Super Bowl and things like lemonade
       A       E          F#m
The Hellenic Republic was full of smarts
      Bm                      D
And a question resting on the Grecian hearts
     F#m            D               E
Was "What is the circumference of a circle?" 
    F#m              Bm
But they were set on rational numbers
       F#m               Bm
And it ranks among their biggest blunders
     D         A      Bm
They worked on it for years 
       D                   E
And confirmed one of their biggest fears
  A        E       F#m                  Bm7             E
I can't be certain if they cried when irrationality was realized
    A         E        F#m         
But something deep within them died 
    D           E7       A    D   A
the day they discovered pi.
They were thinking

A   D        A       E
Pi, pi, mathematical pi
A       D  A  E
3 point 14 15 92
A  D  A  E
65 35 89 7
F#m    B7
932384 62
F#m     E7
6433832 7 (not rounded)

     A                   Bm
Well this kind of pie is different than most
   D                         Bm
It hasn't got berries, ain't spread on toast
F#m                 E
And that's how it's always been
   A      E           F#m
We keep extending its decimal places
Bm                    D
Pushing our computers through their paces
F#m             E
But we'll never reach the end

   F#m          Bm
So why the fascination with
  F#m                 Bm
A number whose end is just a myth
D          A  B7
Whence the adulation
D                 E7
For mental masturbation
   A          E            F#m
It might have something to do with the stars
   Bm                  D
To calculate distances from afar 
    A             E               F#m
But that's just a guess 'bout the way things are
  D              E7        A   D   A
Regarding the precision of pi
I am pondering


A               Bm
Now I feel that I should mention
D                   Bm
Pi is applicable in any dimension
F#m         E
At least as far as I know
   A             E          F#m
If there were no Pi we'd be missing things
     Bm                   D
Like marbles and mugs and balls of string
    F#m            B7         E7
And sports such as soccer and curling
    F#m                Bm
The orbs in their celestial paths
 F#m             Bm
Navigate along elliptical graphs
D             A          B7
Ellipses have pi in them too
      D                   E7
Just one side of them has grew
A           E           F#m
You can see pi in most everything
        Bm                 D
It's in Cornell's Electron Storage Ring
    A       E            F#m
And also in slinkies and other springs
           D          E7              A   D   A
And that's why it's important to know pi
You should memorize


A                Bm
Once one night I had a dream 
     D                 Bm
That pi was gone and I had to scream
      F#m               E
Cause all pi things had disappeared  (pause)
A           E           F#m
Can you imagine a world like that
Bm                       D
Circles aren't round and spheres are flat
         F#m            B7               E7
It's the culmination of everything we've feared
F#m                  Bm
'Twas a nightmare of epic proportions
F#m              Bm
One that gave me brain contortions
   D        A       B7
Oh wait!  I mean contusions
     D              E7
They put me in some institutions
    A      E          F#m
But then I escaped and now I'm free
   D           E         A    D   A   E
To sing of the virtue of pi


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