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The title of this section should be a good indicator of whether or not you should be here... I mean really. This is the dorkiest part of this entire dorky website. It's really our chance to get all the nerdiness out of our system.

Check out All Too Flat scientist trading cards- the only cards dedicated to the brilliant minds that have shaped modern science!
Google servers running a little slow today? provides a mirror of the Google site for your surfing convenience. (For more info, see The Google Mirror FAQ)
We videotaped hundreds of hours of dorks and nerds baring it all at Mardi Gras 2002!
The place for miscellaneous funny stuff without a home on ATF (AKA "What's the matter content?! Are you to good for your home?!??")
"" was chosen out of thousands. We didn't like the others...
You've seen those Apple Switch commercials. Now see what it's really like to switch from a PC to the Mac.
Homegrown software from the ATF software development team.

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