the All Too Flat Contest and WIN!
Here is a collection of (funny) pranks we've played:
In our biggest prank to date, we turned the landmark cube at Astor Place in NYC into the world's largest Rubik's Cube
Our first prank. We replaced all the pictures in Dara's room with pictures of us posing the exact same way, including the infamous Matt Dillon-Kennyb switcheroo.
We took the "photo-replacing" concept to the next level in this devious prank. We replaced Laura's goldfish Gingy with a laminated photograph of it.
We labeled everything in Arin's apartment with post-it notes. Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick, Brick.
There was an empty cage at Cornell's gym for some reason. So we turned it into a nice little zoo with an African Lion...
Old wives tales. Urban legends. Facts under a Snapple Cap. Call them what you will. All our lives we have learned facts, figures, and useful information. But if you ever stop to think about what you are learning, does it actually make sense? or do we just believe it because that's what we've been told? Do you really need to wait 30 minutes after eating before you go in the pool? Ever get an e-mail forward that tells you that a duck's quack doesn't echo? Believe it?
We made a life-size replica of the guy in the crosswalk sign and placed him in the street (on a crosswalk, of course).
Kennyb and Ben take passive aggressive to a whole new level
Even more hijinks in Ben and Kennyb's apartment
A new prank in honor of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's new exhibit "The Gates" in Central Park
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