Scientist Cards
Q: What is all this too flat nonsense anyway?
A: See ATF homepage. It's answered there.

Q: Huge?
A: Huge.

Q: What the opposite of huge?
A: Not so huge.

Q: How do I get a job at alltooflat?
A: For the most recent employment opportunities, please visit our careers page.

Q: Are halibut anadromous?
A: No. They migrate away from land in the winter to spawn in deeper water. (Source:

Q: What comes after a terabyte?
A: Petabyte. And to save you time, next is exabyte and then zettabyte. Then comes yottabyte, which is approximately 2.01 mol of bytes.

Q: What do you call that symbol that looks like a circle with a line through it?
A: A "prohibitory sign" (thanks to Ben's geek blog)

Q: Where did KennyBathroom go?
A: Down the toilet, where it belonged in the first place!

Q: I have a funny idea for your site. How can I suggest it to you?
A: Just send e-mail to and we'll check it out. We can't promise that we'll try to put it on our site, but we'll try to try.

Q: Try?
A: Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Q: What's brown and sticky?

Q: So, what is up with =~ (query) What does it mean, and why dosen't it mean != ?
A: =~ is the string binding binds the left argument (a string) to the right argument (a regular expression operator) $string =~ s/butt/ will search $string for 'butt' and return true if it finds it

Q: Are you guys qualified to be giving advice in Ask the Fish?
A: Yes. Yes we are.

Q: Is the lion still there?
A: In general, yes, the lion is still there. But for a more up to date answer, check the bottom of the lion page at

Q: How come my IE favorites doesn't have that cute little fish anymore?
A: I have no idea. IE is such a pain in the ass.

A: Right here.

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