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A New Beginning: 5-5-2007

Well, I think this thing has come to an end. This blog is no more.

Yes, yes, I know. But here we are. Fear not, though, since I'm not out of the game entirely. I've started a new place here an ATF where I can spout my usual inanities. Hopefully, it will be a little more active than this. I thing this will be the case for two reasons:

1) All the cool kids are blogging now, and I feel left out when I'm not.
2) I installed a new blogging platform (Movable Type) on ATF, and it makes it really easy to put up new entries (which was not the case when I was using the system I had written when I didn't know a damn thing about programming).
3) This was always more of a longer form thing, and the new blog will probably have shorter posts. I always felt that I needed to really write something substantial for this page. The new one will be mostly just a bunch of crap.

Here it is. Kennyblog Redux. Hope you enjoy it.


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