Ingenuous Uses of ATF Membership Cards
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A bookmark

While it requires a bunch of memberships, a stack of cards does a nice job balancing that wobbly table.

With a standard deck of cards, some glue, and 52 memberships (don't worry, there's a price break at 50) you can make a nice ATF deck. Go Fish - Literally!

A handy coaster

In a pinch the ATF membership card makes an above-average finger splint.

Just put the card on your computer and check out those improved download speeds.

Tired of playing Go Fish? You can make a card tower. Steady now...

The ATF Membership card makes it easy to break into your neighbors apartment to perform your very own pranks.

If you get bored, you can always take pictures of Bobble-Head A-Rod's head on the card and put them on your website. We do.

It's a cheap alternative to a Wi-Fi router (Warning: the current card doesn't support the new 802.11g standard)

Have you come up with other ingenious uses for the ATF Membership Card? Let us know and we'll post it up here.

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