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One fall day while eating tacos and drinking Belgium White, a website was conceived, and it was good. A debate was held and a name was chosen, and it was Intellisloth. Can you believe that? This site was almost called (Note: Don't click that link! There's nothing there). Anyway, we came to our senses and called it All Too Flat. Here we'd like to give a shout out to everyone that has helped to make this site possible.

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The three founders of All Too Flat. Also known as the triumvirate, the three jackasses, or the three monks.
NamePositionMember Since 
Benjamin "Hoist" Stein Chief Executive Geek 10-10-2001
Kenneth "KennyB" Bromberg Director, Research and Development 10-10-2001
Antoni "Ton" Chan Chief Technology Officer 10-10-2001

Staff Members
Staff members who contribute regularly to All Too Flat. We're always looking for extra help, so check out our careers page to see our current job openings.
NamePositionMember Since 
Sean T. Collins Head Writer, Alt Text Fun, AttentionDeficitDisorderly Too Flat 04-03-2002

All Too Flat Members
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NamePositionMember Since 
Jeremy "G2" Goldman Free Bandwidth Associate 10-31-2001
Eric D. Fish Assistant Halibut Programmer 10-31-2001
Bill De Franza Regional Chairman of the Quality Assurance Ministry 01-2003
Louis A. Stein Associate Technician of the Rant Sub-Sub-Committee 01-2003
Rob Cockerham Senior Organizer of the Pranks Task Force 01-2003
Lindsay Haigh Junior Halibut of the BiATCH Coalition 01-2003  
Arin Kramer Brigade Scientist of the Scientist Brigade 02-2003  
Mark A. Pederson Senior Prankster of the Jokes Brigade 03-2003  
Whitney Kramer Apprentice Ranter of the Ask The Fish Office 05-2003  
Richard Zanfardino Acting Captain of the PDA Brigade 05-2003
Jerry Wagner Chief Dork of the Technology Ministry 07-2003
Jackson Wages Head Geek of the Jokes Task Force 09-2003
Barbara Hunt Chief Ranter of the Ask The Fish Sub-Committee 09-2003
Mat Hall Senior Dork of the Technology Sub-Sub-Committee 09-2003
April Fried-Vandecamp Senior Helper Monkey of the AltText Task Force 10-2003
Ryan Swindull Chief Dungeon Master of the BiATCH Task Force 10-2003  
Roberto Duarte Chief Poet of the Poetry Committee 10-2003
Erin Ten Eycke Senior Poet of the Serious Corps 12-2003  
Chuck Peterka Retired Myth Buster of the Scientist Corps 07-2004
Klynton F. Jessup Senior Administrator of the Technology Department 10-2004
Daniel Elbert Henry Hudson Associate Helper Monkey of the Technology Sub-Sub-Committee 08-2006  
Arianna Thayer Wireless Dork of the Crossingman Department 08-2006  

Patrons who have gratiously donated to All Too Flat. You too can donate to All Too Flat. All proceeds go to our hosting costs! Note: We'd like to put your name up here to show our thanks, but won't do it without your permission; you're personal finance is your own business (unless you use .NET for your Microsoft Money account...) Additionally, all our patrons are greatly appreciated and are welcome to free memberships! Just let us know if you've donated and you want to redeem your goodies.
NameDate NameDate
Eric D. Cat1-1-2002 Eric D. Fish1-2-2002
Some Guy1-1-2002   

Supporting Cast / Butts of our Jokes
It really wasn't possible without you guys! Thanks for being there and being good sports! (No, you don't get free anything. Just the publicity of ATF. But feel free to buy a membership.
NameWhat We Desecrated 
Laura Iliff Her poor fish Gingy  
Dara Her Matt Dillon photo  
Sergey Brin and Larry Page Their lovely Search Engine
The Lord The Bible  
Arin Kramer Her teeth  
Mrs Herstein (Ben's high school english teacher) Poetry, to the fullest possible extent  
Rob Cockerham How much inside his website
Da Boyz Nice tits, four eyes!  
Andrea Dutcher Her empty cage  
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