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The Gates

This prank is in honor of the Christo and Jeanne-Claude's newest exhibit in Central Park called "The Gates".

In Central Park this week, 600 volunteers have erected 7,500 gates, each 16ft (4.8m) high, at approximately 12ft intervals along 23 miles of the park's footpaths. For the next 16 days, each gate will be draped with an 11ft saffron banner to create "rivulets of colour running like veins through the leafless landscape."

In Kennyb's room this weekend, 1 jackass has erected 1 gate, each 7 feet high, within the 8 foot width of Kenny's room. For the next few hours, this gate will be draped with a 5ft saffron banner to create "a really funny scenario when Kennyb gets home from the movies this afternoon."

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