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Myth: Fish Update 2

Well, I'm moving to San Diego and I asked Pauli, Silvio, and Chris if they wanted to come with me. After some discussion they said that they rather enjoy Ithaca and would love to stay. We perused the online classifieds and found this rather puzzling one:

Secret Pond
Swimming hole in hidden location. Waterfall.
Friendly pond-mates and lots of room.

So we decided to take a look and they absolutely fell in love with the pond and the location. After so much exposure in the press they finally have a place where they can settle down without any disturbances.

Here is the pond and the waterfall. There was a storm a few days ago so the waterfall and river were really raging.

This the entrance to the pond. The river usually isn't that high.

Pauli, Silvio, and Chris in their convertible bowl. They're getting ready to enter the pond.

The three fish playing tag after entering the pond. They chased each other for a few minutes and then went exploring. They really enjoyed the space.

The river was flowing really fast and I was afraid that they would get swept away, so I built a little dam to make a little living room where they could hangout without being swept away by the current.

Pauli chilling in the foyer.

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