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Myth: Fish Update

About a month ago, the surviving goldfish, Pauli, Silvio, and Chris, decided to move from their cozy tupperware lofts. After perusing the online classifieds, they found this promising ad:

3-Bedroom Bowl
Spacious bowl, great location, 360-degree view,
central air, garden, nice landlord.
Mealplan included. $31+utilities.

They arranged a viewing of the apartment and liked it so much that they decided to buy it on the spot. Silvio likes the architecture of the bowl, while Pauli enjoys the space (Pauli likes to chase the others around). Finally, Chris really likes the central air because it helps with his asthma.

Chris, Silvio and Pauli (left to right) enjoying the view from their new bowl.

The central air is always running to aerate the apartment.

As for the fish who were not so lucky, they are in the county morgue waiting for the proper paper work for burial at sea.

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