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Astor Cube
We couldn't have been happier! Here are a whole bunch of pictures of the Astor Place Rubik's Cube from many angles:

The thing was humongous! And because it's in the middle of a really large interestection, people could see it from really far away.

At this point it was almost 6am. We headed back to Ben's for a quick shower and then to Starbucks for a Grande Toffee Nut Latte Macchiato. The Starbucks is right next to the cube, so we sat there for 2.5 hours, watching thousands of people marvel at the cube on their way to work.

Many thanks to our peeps who stayed up all night to help us pull this off. Couldn't have done it without you.

The Rubik's Cube stayed up for the entire day. It got a small amount of grafitti which was to be expected given the usual crowds that hang out there, but it wasn't too bad.

At around 5pm, I was curious if it was still up since I hadn't heard from anyone for a while. I called Starbucks:
SB: Starbucks. How may I help you.
Ben: Hi. Is there a really big Rubik's Cube outside?
SB: There sure is.
Ben: Thanks. Bye.

It stayed up through evening rush hour, when people seemed waaay more excited about it than they did at 6:30am on their way to work. It was pretty awesome.

But then around 8pm a strange thing happen. A van from the NYC maintenance department (or something like that) pulled up and two men stepped out and proceeded to powerwash everything off the cube! Disaster!

Oh well. It lasted long enough to make us all really happy, which is all you can really ask for, no? It got through a morning and an evening rush hour, so pretty much everyone who was going to see it, did so. Huge!

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