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Astor Cube
We met our team at Cooper Union, right next to Astor Place, at 3am as planned. Our team consisted of us, Arin, Danos, Dave, Eli, and Janet. Check it- we're each wearing one of the colors from the Cube!

We immediately set to work assembling the panels. Each side was 3 by 3, held together with duct tape.

We also put reinforcing pieces across each seam for a little more support.

Also, don't forget that it is almost 4am in the morning in New York City. We met with our fair share of weirdos: "Well, if you're not gonna give me any spare change, at least give me some duct tape. A little more... A little more..."

After each of the panels on a given side were held together sufficiently, we took black masking tape to create the dark lines in between each square.

It wasn't until I saw the first finished panel with black outlining that I realized this prank might actually work! It looked amazing!

After a while we got a system down and 90 minutes later we finished all 6 sides.

We stacked them up and headed down the block to the cube.

At this point, time was critical. While there's nothing illegal about taping squares in an alley, we were more than a little nervous about climbing ladders and vandalizing public artwork.

At the recommendation of our contact at "Law and Order," we chose to use gaffer's tape. Gaffer's tape is a lot like duct tape, only it's matte black and leaves no sticky residue. Yeah pranksters with a social conscience!

We used double-sided loops of the tape on the back of each panel and then carefully placed a side on the top half of the cube.

Everyone held it in place while two people on ladders ran tape all along the edges, reaching as high as possible.

It worked like a charm! We couldn't believe it! The sides stuck, and they stuck well. We hurried up and attached the remaining 5 sides...

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