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Potential New Names For This Blog

This is still an Alpha blog. Which isn't to say that this blog pees on the most trees, or is destined to be dragged down by a stronger, younger blog years hence. But rather that this blog is not yet in Production. The URL hasn't been given out to any but the most understanding of alpha clients, I have not promoted this blog in any place (of course, when we move to production, I don't really see me doing any promotion either. Maybe a link on my old blog, which as far as I can tell was only frequented by a couple of ex-girlfriends, and a hot internet acquaintance of mine from Middle Tennessee State (I just visited a picture link that she sent me a while back, of her surprisingly Tri-Force-like tattoo, and find that it's gone. However, it's replaced by a host of screenshots from World of Warcraft, making her hot AND nerdy (and therefore really hot. Nice).

My point is that as of the writing of this post, the name of this sucker isn't fixed yet. And I wanted to keep this post as a list of names that I'm considering:

  • Good Intentions
  • Early Failure
  • Relentless Convenience (this one I got from a blog linked by Gawker)
  • Node895 (or should I not make the name of my blog a Drupal joke?)
  • Probably Not Updated
  • Shower Licker (in honor of my cat, who jumps into the bathtub whenever someone takes a shower and licks the moisture off of the tile. Kind of weird, really)

Maybe I'll just go ahead and call it kennyblog, redux. Yeah, I think that's where we are with this.


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this is a test comment - trying to work out the TypeKey stuff.

ATF Member:

My cat did that for effing YEARS -- continued to freak me out. But then again, she also wouldn't drink water out of a bowl -- it had to be running water. So I bought her this cat drinking fountain (don't ask) and she would --sometimes-- drink from the thing. But often, if you had a shower, she would patiently wait for you to get out, so she could drink up.


Big Ben:

"Probably Not Updated" should have been the name for your old blog.

You should try to work the word "huge" in to your blog name somehow. "Huge intentions"?


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