Mousie Adventures - Day 2
Over the course of the past 2 weeks, there have been some serious mousie issues in Ben and Arin's East Village New York Apartment (I know, it's apartment, but I was on a capitalization roll).

The thing was, they wouldn't stop eating our food- from the cabinets, leftovers on the stove, garbage from the can. It was completely out of hand. I littered the floor and stove with glue traps, but couldn't catch a thing.

Finally I decided to bait the traps. I put a fresh chicken bone in the corner of the room with a glue trap next to it. I figured they'd have to cross over the glue trap to get to the bone and GOTCHA! I also put the trap on top of some aluminum foil so I could wrap it up nice and quickly when we got him. No mess. No fuss.

Boy was I wrong.

10 minutes after I placed it I heard some scurrying. I ran back into the kitchen and CRAP! As it turned out, I had placed the bone directly outside of the mousie's house. He came out of his house, found the bone, and pulled it right inside! Disaster! Heck, he could hardly leave the house because dinner was in the way.

But the chicken bone didn't quite fit through the mousie hole. The chicken's joint was too large, so it got stuck trying to pull it in. Thank god for rcGH!

Alright. No more screwing around. I pulled the bone back out of the hole and this time I put the bone on the trap:

Ha! This time I Went to bed cool and confident. And sure enough, when I woke up in the morning, BOOYAH! We got one!

At this point I would like to seriously apologize for the above gratuitous pucture. In case anyone is concerned, please rest assured that he is only sleeping. As always, no animals are ever actually harmed in any of our hijinks.

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