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Scientist Cards
Here are scans of the All Too Flat Scientist Cards, Series 1. This page shows both the new and old versions of the cards. You can view the original montage here
Mickey Mantle
Albert Einstein
Mark McGwire
James Maxwell Clerk
Brooks Robinson
Isaac Newton
Jose Canseco
Ivan Pavlov
Harmon Killebrew
Marie Curie
Ken Griffey Jr.
Stephen Hawking
Jerry Koosman (1942-Present)
Nolan Ryan (1947-Present)
James Watson (1928-Present)
Francis Crick (1916-Present)
Barry Bonds
Edmund Halley
Ford Frick
Niels Bohr
Wade Boggs
Claude Shannon
Mickey Mantle
Louis Pasteur
Bob Bonner (1956-Present)
Cal Ripken (1960-Present)
Jeff Schneider (1952-Present)
Robert Hofstadter (1915-1990)
Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958)
Arthur Compton (1892-1962)
Willie Mays
Richard Feynman
Roger Maris
Thomas Edison
Cal Ripken
Leonhard Euler
Eddie Murray
Bert Vogelstein
Dave Winfield
Bill Nye
Jackie Robinson
Leonardo Da Vinci
Pee Wee Reese
Carl Sagan
Satchel Paige
Alan Turing
Sandy Koufax
Sigmund Freud
Pete Rose
Stephen Jay Gould
Kevin Brown
Rachel Carson
Ted Williams
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Sammy Sosa
Jane Goodall

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